T.E.D.’s newest members have now all joined the team and are settling in to their new roles and are busy arranging visits to get out and meet as many of the volunteers and groups in East Lindsey as they can.

Hello, I’m Jennie Tomlinson. I am the new T.E.D Project Manager.

I have a varied background in education and support with my last job being the service manager for Lincs2Advice. I feel that this will give me a good working knowledge of East Lindsey to be able to support he project moving forward. I am very pleased to have joined such a skilled and motivated team and am looking forward to the work  we will be doing over the next 4 years.

With the area co-ordinators moving into strand leads this is an exciting time for the project. We have experienced individuals raring to move their expertise forward which will mean expansion throughout East Lindsey whilst keeping a strong presence along the coast. Watch this space for new and exciting  T.E.D. services. If you or anyone you know feels that they can contribute to the shaping of T.E.D.’s future please contact us to find out how you can be involved. We are designing many new volunteer positions and well as ‘idea groups’ so this is a perfect time to let us know what you feel is needed within your area.


Hello! I’m Lynda Clark – new to the T.E.D. Team where I will be the Volunteer Co-ordinator. I’ve come from West Lindsey District Council where I was employed as Volunteer Co-ordinator; we were working on Digital Inclusion which involved volunteers helping people to get online in their own communities. The role evolved from my previous work for DWP on the Pilot for Universal Credit.

I’m very excited about the T.E.D. project and the opportunity to be part of the T.E.D. Team; the purpose of the project is such a positive and happy one – who wouldn’t want to help enable older East Lindsey residents to enjoy a full and active social life?

Volunteering is such a great way for people to share time and skills and to show they care – a win/win situation. It is a wonderful environment in which to work and I am looking forward to meeting and working with the existing T.E.D. volunteers as well as bringing new faces in to the project. If you know anyone who may be interested in volunteering, bring them along to an event or give me a ring – be in it for the outcome, not the income!


Hello, I’m Kathryn one of the T.E.D. Co-ordinators and Strand Lead for Befriending and Friendship. With a back ground in health and education, volunteering experience in community cohesion, and a passion for tea and cake, I look forward to meeting you at the Tea with T.E.D. events and making a positive difference to the lives of East Lindsey residents.


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