The newly refurbished The Masons Arms pub in Louth welcomed delighted T.E.D. Members for a two course Christmas Lunch free of charge.

The Masons Arms recently reopened after a major refurbishment.

A spokesperson from The Masons Arms said, “We decided to host a complimentary Christmas dinner this December in our newly refurbished ballroom to give something back to the community that has given us such fantastic support during our first few months. We wanted to do something for those who may not enjoy as much company as the rest of us do during the Christmas period and took the opportunity to offer a 3-course meal to T.E.D. and Help the Aged charities, who both do incredible work in the area.”

“We thought to host this event in our Ballroom would be the ideal venue for a chance for the older people of the community to get together, eat, drink and laugh. We welcomed over 80 guests on the day and we hope to see customers both new and old come and enjoy what we have to offer here in Louth, the jewel of the Wolds.”

Ann Humphries, local resident and valued T.E.D. Volunteer, organised the event with help from the T.E.D. Team. The event gave T.E.D. Members the opportunity to come together before Christmas and connect with new friends in their local community.

Loryn Good, T.E.D. Communications Officer said, “T.E.D. is incredibly grateful to both The Masons Arms for donating this event to our members and also to Ann, who set up and organised the event for our members. It’s wonderful to see a local business engaging with the ageing community in Louth and we hope to work with them more in the future.”

The event was enjoyed by all who attended and many members expressed their gratitude to The Masons Arms for such a wonderful gift before Christmas.

One member said “I was very grateful to be invited to this Christmas Lunch. Thank you T.E.D. and thank you to The Masons Arms.”

Another member expressed that the venue revamp was wonderful. “I was very honoured to be asked to come to the Christmas Meal. It was a lovely surprise. The meal itself was excellent and the hotel is lovely.”

The members were very positive about the project stating that it was a good way to meet new people. “I think T.E.D. do a great job…I didn’t know a soul at my table and had a good time and made new friends!”

T.E.D. would like to see more businesses in Louth being recognised for engaging with the ageing community.

The T.E.D. Age Friendly Business Co-ordinator said, “We would like to put Louth on the map as an Age-Friendly Community. I would invite local businesses to apply for the T.E.D. Age Friendly Business Award which signposts our members to local businesses that can fulfil their needs in a friendly and approachable manner.”

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