Age friendly Business Update

The Age-friendly Business Award scheme rewards local businesses going above and beyond for older customers and who foster a positive view of ageing. The award is open to businesses and services in East Lindsey operational for at least 6 months and who meet set criteria in the following categories: Accessibility Customer Comfort Marketing & Communications Staff Training & Attitude Local businesses are important to older people, which is why we are working with businesses to raise awareness and encourage use of Age-friendly Businesses. Likewise older people make up a significant proportion of the population and are an important part of our economy – 26% of East Lindsey residents being over age 65. Age-friendly Business status also speaks volumes when attracting customers visiting the area. A report by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP revealed that the highest proportion of visitors were age 55 – 64 years. The award process includes an assessment conducted via discussion with the business manager/owner and a mystery shop to validate the assessment findings. Businesses achieving Age-friendly status receive an award and window sticker to help customer’s identify them as Age-friendly and advertising on the T.E.D. website with direct links to the businesses own website. T.E.D. – Ageing Better in East Lindsey is part of the National Lottery funded Ageing Better programme set up by the Big Lottery Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK. Ageing Better aims to develop creative ways for older people to be actively involved in their local communities, helping to combat social isolation and loneliness. It is one of five major programmes set up by the Big Lottery Fund to test and learn from new approaches to designing services which aim to make people’s lives healthier and happier. The T.E.D. programme is managed by Community Lincs a charity, based in Sleaford, which works throughout Lincolnshire to make a positive difference to the lives of individuals and communities in the region Presentations have been made this month include: Lincolnshire Co-operative Roman Bank Skegness B&G Solicitors Louth The Crispy Biscuit Louth Wilkin Chapman Solicitors Alford Crofts Estate Agents Louth Hodgkinsons Solicitors Skegness Barclays Bank PLC Skegness Rachels Café Hagworthingham SO Festival 2018 Nationwide Building Society Skegness Lovelle Estate Agency Alford “This is a great opportunity to demonstraste businesses that consider older people in their business approaches. The T.E.D. Age-friendly Business award is proof that these businesses are thinking about older people in their business approach” said Guy Dewsbury the T.E.D. Programme Manager.

2018 SO Festival

THE 2018 SO Festival, with over 60 spectacular events over three days, has once again received an official Age-friendly award. Spectacular Italian vertical acrobats, superb French fire and dance artists and the smallest circus in the world are just some of the fantastic acts at the three-day event. One of the largest family-friendly outdoor arts and cultural events of its kind in the UK is returning to Mablethorpe and Skegness this summer for an extravaganza of European and home-grown culture – and it is all completely free. Brought to you once again by the Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture, the three days start in Mablethorpe on Friday, August 31 before switching over to Skegness on Saturday and Sunday, September 1 and 2. The ethos of the event has always been family-friendly and inclusive – and organisers are therefore delighted by the official recognition it has received from T.E.D. The Festival’s status as an Age-friendly business means it has successfully achieved a set of standards that include age-friendly customer service, consumer comfort, clear marketing and communications and accessibility. “ thrilled to welcome SO Festival as an Age-friendly business,” said Guy Dewsbury, T.E.D. Programme Manager. “It underlines the Festival’s commitment to the community and visitors.” Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture is partnered by Arts Council England, East Lindsey District Council, Passage Festival, Helsingor Teater, Without Walls Associate Touring Network, Coasters Touring Network and Lincs FM to stage the festival. Magna Vitae’s Cultural Project Co-ordinator Katie-Louise Green said: ”There is real excitement around what we are planning. Our focus on the coast means we can concentrate on creating something that is going to be truly spectacular and is for the whole of the area as well as visitors. The T.E.D. award is particularly pleasing, as we pride ourselves on creating something that all the family can enjoy.” Portfolio Holder for Coastal Economy at East Lindsey District Council, Councillor Steve Kirk, said: “It’s great to see SO Festival returning once again this year. It’s always a fantastically attended event and I’m sure that will continue, as the festival is hugely popular with residents and visitors. The performers and acts that take part always bring something unique and I look forward to seeing them.” For full details on the acts and timings please see T.E.D. – Ageing Better in East Lindsey is part of the National Lottery funded Ageing Better programme set up by the Big Lottery Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK. Ageing Better aims to develop creative ways for older people to be actively involved in their local communities, helping to combat social isolation and loneliness. It is one of five major programmes set up by the Big Lottery Fund to test and learn from new approaches to designing services which aim to make people’s lives healthier and happier. The T.E.D. programme is managed by Community Lincs a charity, based in Sleaford, which works throughout Lincolnshire to make a positive difference to the lives of individuals and communities in the region

A Thank You to all those who attended the ‘Banter Bench’ launch at Hildreds Shopping Centre.

We would like to thank the Hildreds Shopping Centre in Skegness for supporting T.E.D. – Ageing Better in East Lindsey to introduce our new ‘Banter Bench’ campaign, designed to tackle the ever increasing issue of loneliness and isolation experienced by the older community. A special thanks goes to Steve Andrews, as the Hildreds Centre Manager, who has been a strong champion of T.E.D. and of the Age-friendly Business Award, which works towards making East Lindsey a more age friendly area. The concept of a ‘Banter Bench’ was devised by Elaine Croker, T.E.D.’s Age Friendly Business Co-ordinator, and Steve and on the day was manned by volunteer and staff ‘Banter Buddies’ whose role was simply to have a chat with older people visiting the Centre. The contributory support of our T.E.D volunteers made the day a huge success. Throughout the day our T.E.D. volunteers spent time on the Banter Bench, talking to members of the public and sharing information about social opportunities, activities and events taking place in the town. Amy Thomas, Head of Operations for Community Lincs said, “The Banter Bench is a fantastic new initiative and gives us an opportunity to share information about opportunities in their local community.  The support of the Hildreds Centre and of our amazing team of T.E.D. Volunteers has been invaluable and we look forward to welcoming many new over 50s from Skegness and surrounding areas to our events in the future” To see more information from the Hildreds Banter Bench launch visit For more information on the Hildreds Shopping Centre call 01754 764899 or visit   T.E.D. – Ageing Better in East Lindsey is part of the National Lottery funded Ageing Better programme set up by the Big Lottery Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK. Ageing Better aims to develop creative ways for older people to be actively involved in their local communities, helping to combat social isolation and loneliness. It is one of five major programmes set up by the Big Lottery Fund to test and learn from new approaches to designing services which aim to make people’s lives healthier and happier. The T.E.D. programme is managed by Community Lincs a charity, based in Sleaford, which works throughout Lincolnshire to make a positive difference to the lives of individuals and communities in the region  

Come and say hello at the Hildreds Banter Bench!

The Hildreds Shopping Centre in Skegness is taking an innovative and proactive approach to tackle the ever increasing issue of loneliness and isolation experienced by the older community by unveiling their Banter Bench on Tuesday 26th June. Centre manager, Steve Andrews, is a constant champion of the local community and is working closely with T.E.D. – Ageing Better in East Lindsey to tackle the issue. The ‘Banter Bench’ in the Hildreds Centre, will be manned with ‘Banter Buddies’ who will be on hand to have a chat with anyone who is stopping by. “T.E.D., Ageing Better in East Lindsey, is thrilled to have this opportunity to work with Hildreds.”, “Many local people may feel isolated or be experiencing loneliness and the Banter Bench will, hopefully, allow them to make new connections and find out what is on offer in their area. Being able to work with prominent local businesses, like Hildreds, on this innovative approach will help T.E.D. to offer support to as many people as it possibly can.” said Guy Dewsbury, T.E.D.’s Programme Manager. The ‘Banter Bench’ will be located in the mall. At selected times throughout the day, a ‘Banter Buddy’ will sit on it, with a badge identifying them as someone who is available for a chat about anything. All of the ‘Banter Buddies’ are DBS checked and will be, of course, good listeners. The ‘Banter Buddies’ will be able to offer advice and suggestions on clubs, societies, activities and events in the town that may be of interest to someone who would like more opportunities to socialise. For more information on the Hildreds Shopping Centre call 01754 764899 or visit  

Spotlight on Ageing Event was a Hit!

The recent Age UK Lindsey and Talk, Eat, Drink (T.E.D.) in East Lindsey event, ‘Spotlight on Ageing’ in Horncastle was very successful. The aim of the event was to showcase opportunities and helpful organisations that support older people in Horncastle. The event was attended by a variety of different organisations and members of the public, seeking information about the opportunities available to them. Brian Burbridge, Mayor and Chair of Horncastle Town Council said, “The event was very successful with lots of excellent information to be had from a range of organisations and I look forward to the next event.” This was also an opportunity for the organisations to network and make connections that may lead to collaboration in the future. Nicola Stanton, Programme Development Officer at SoundLINCS said, “The T.E.D. and Age UK Lindsey event in Horncastle was a fantastic way to meet people who are involved in the many services in the area. It was a great networking opportunity as well as a forum for meeting with potential clients and participants. Lovely cake and coffee too!” Jennie Wilson from Age UK Lindsey said, “A lot of people aren’t aware of what is available – whether you are looking to join in something or interested in volunteering. This is a great opportunity to bring everything to the people of Horncastle.” Guy Dewsbury, Programme Manager for T.E.D. said “It was so encouraging to see many different organisations gather under one roof. T.E.D. were really happy to partner with Age UK Lindsey in organising such a successful venture. It is really exciting that there are so many people who can help and provide assistance to older people in Horncastle. I look forward to many more events like this in the future.” For more information about T.E.D. and how you can get involved, please contact or call 01529 301966

A Day in the Life: T.E.D. Friendship Co-ordinator

Find out what an average day looks like for Kathryn, T.E.D. Friendship Co-ordinator! The working life of a befriending and friendship co-ordinator is both varied and immensely rewarding, with no two days alike. However, an example of a typical day may look like something like this: My day usually begins with a drive through the stunningly beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds to either the picturesque and historic market towns of Louth or Alford or to the glorious seaside resorts of Skegness, Mablethorpe, or Sutton on Sea. Known collectively as the Sunshine Coast – although it has been known to snow in these resorts on my visits, each area is unique and residents have differing needs. My first stop is a home visit to meet an individual who has been referred to the befriending and friendship service from East Lindsey Wellbeing.  This lasts for almost two hours and is an opportunity for a good chat, over a cup of coffee, to find out the needs of the individual, share information about the T.E.D. Project and to agree the best way forward to meet these needs.  This could be companionship at home or support to take part in local community activities with a befriender, such as a luncheon club or Tea with T.E.D., or signposting to another agency to provide the best possible specialist support and advice. Leaving a reassured service user, who has enjoyed their first “proper” conversation in the last four months, I make a quick detour to the Marisco Medical Centre and pop in to say hello to one of our T.E.D. Volunteers who is happily serving refreshments to patients and handing out hearing aid batteries for those who need their batteries replacing. Following this, another short drive brings me to a local nursing home and a meeting with the home manager and the T.E.D. Networking Co-Ordinator to discuss a possible friendship group, plus events and activities for the residents that can be held either in the home or in a local venue. It is agreed to open up the sessions to people outside the home and the names of a couple of volunteers who would be happy to support the group come to mind. After a quick sandwich in the car, returning missed phone calls, and buying a pint of fresh milk, another short drive brings me to my afternoon venue, The Coastal Centre, and the setting for my afternoon Tea with T.E.D. After a short catch up with the T.E.D volunteers, the venue staff, and the Older Persons Adviser from Citizens Advice, the room up is set up, information booklets artfully displayed, the table is laid, the MENSA like challenge of putting the cake stands together is completed, and a delicious array of cakes, buns and biscuits (free from foods also available) are lovingly arranged on the tables.  Whilst the Volunteers greet the attendees and supervise the sign in sheet, I meet and introduce the guest speaker – who may be talking about energy saving deals, giving advice on scam awareness, talking about bowel cancer screening or giving one to one advice on using technology. Whilst everyone is enjoying coffee, cake and conversation, I use this time to talk to potential and new T.E.D. members about the service or about the volunteering opportunities. I offer one to one guidance for those that need it and signpost to other professionals if required, and help complete a T.E.D. wellbeing survey, as there is privacy to do this.  Then it’s back to the main table, cuppa in hand, joining in with the chatter and laughter with everyone. Today, we discuss local issues, what is good about living in the area and what T.E.D. members can do to overcome any of the issues. This will be reported back to the Evaluation and Research Officer and then on to the National Lottery. At a Tea with T.E.D. event, I always like to pause for a breath, sit back and look around the table at all the members chatting with their neighbours, laughing, sharing experiences, telling stories, forming friendships, swapping numbers for dementia support groups or reliable taxi firms for trips to medical appointments, and inviting each other for coffee, to attend a social club, or to join the local the Men’s Shed. It’s a wonderful moment. At 2.45pm it’s time to encourage attendees to complete the event evaluation forms and ask them for suggestions for speakers or activities for the next Tea with T.E.D. Then suddenly two hours have passed in a flash of tea and buns and its time to clear away, thank the volunteers, and arrange dates with the venue manager for ongoing events, load the car up and drive back to Horncastle. Driving west, with the sun setting behind the Wolds, I feel a strong sense of satisfaction at day well spent, and reflect on how lucky I am to get paid for enjoying coffee, cake and conversation in such inspirational and fabulous company! Back at the office- a room at the rear of the historic Stanhope Hall (a former Drill Hall and WW1 hospital and saved from demolition by the local community), I unload the car, boot up my laptop, make a few phone calls to introduce myself to the potential new befriending volunteers, answer emails and prepare for my befriending volunteer induction the next day.

T.E.D. and Age UK Lindsey Turn the Spotlight on Ageing

Talk, Eat, Drink (T.E.D.) in East Lindsey and Age UK Lindsey have combined forces to host an event called ‘Spotlight on Ageing’; an opportunity to showcase organisations that support older people in Horncastle. The event will take place on Wednesday 21st March, 10am-12pm at Stanhope Hall, Horncastle. Jules Arthur, T.E.D. Network Development Co-ordinator, said “The Spotlight on Ageing event is focused on the positive aspects of ageing and gives the Horncastle community the opportunity to find out more about what services and activities are available to the over 50’s. It also gives us an opportunity to find out what people would like to see in their community.” The event will also be welcoming Brian Burbridge, Mayor and Chair of Horncastle Town Council who will be attending with the Mayor’s Consort. A number of organisations that aim to support older people will be in attendance, showcasing a variety of activities, opportunities and groups for older people to get involved in. Organisations include: T.E.D. will be showcasing their volunteer opportunities, membership and events and their Age Friendly Business Scheme. SoundLincs will be promoting their new programme New Tricks, an exciting and inclusive programme to establish and sustain music-making groups across the county. Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) will also be showcasing the volunteering opportunities they have available, enabling older people to utilise the skills they gained in their work lives, in a friendly, positive environment. Age UK Lindsey will be promoting the T.E.D. Befriending and Friendship Hub, which acts as a one stop shop to access befriending support and signposting to social activities available in East Lindsey. Sue White, Age UK Lindsey Service Manager, says: “This service offers an amazing opportunity to offer support to those needing someone to talk to. “As a result of this we have already recruited two new lead Befrienders who will help to support volunteers and undertake the assessments for the T.E.D Hub, as well as link to other service providers and GP practices.”

A Day in the Life: T.E.D. Volunteer Co-ordinator

Find out what an average day looks like for Lynda, T.E.D. Volunteer Co-ordinator! As any Volunteer Co-ordinator will tell you, there is no such thing as a typical day! It’s the very reason we love the job; no two days are the same. That said, there is a great mixture of routine administration, meeting people, training sessions and events that make the weeks fly past. Here, though, is a typical day: I start my day with a good hours drive through the glorious Lincolnshire Wolds to get to Louth where I am meeting with a potential new volunteer. We meet at the library and after a good chat, an application form is completed and we make arrangements for the new volunteer to come to the Volunteer Induction session that will take place next week, here in Louth with two other potential volunteers. I then walk across town to the Trinity Community Centre where I am meeting with one of their volunteers who delivers ‘Meals on Wheels’. This is a new venture for the Centre and it’s interesting to hear how it is going as we may be able to share volunteers to help them support the service. On my way back to my car, I call in at Elizabeth Court where my colleague is hosting a Tea with T.E.D. and have a cuppa and a chat with our volunteers who are helping out. It’s always rewarding to see the volunteers at work and chat about how they’re getting on; there are usually positive stories about the people who have dropped in for Tea, Cake and a Chat. Today’s guest is the local PCSO who is there to get to know the local residents and answer any questions they may have. The journey back to Sleaford takes longer due to slow traffic ( those tractors and twisty roads) but hey, this is Lincolnshire! Back in the office, I answer my emails, send out a couple of information packs to prospective volunteers and record information on volunteer records. Just before leaving the office for the day, I gather all the information, leaflets and paperwork that I’ll need for an early start tomorrow when I’ll be going to Mablethorpe to hold a drop-in session at their weekly Coastal Centre market-place event.

Hildreds Shopping Centre sees its First Age Friendly Business

Quirks Optical, trading as Boots Opticians is the first store in Hildreds Shopping Centre to receive a T.E.D. Age Friendly Business Award. The Age-Friendly Business Award gives recognition to local businesses that provide an excellent service and environment for older customers. The award is recognised by customers, who feel they can shop confidently in these businesses. Quirk Optical were commended in their assessment for their wonderful staff who were quoted as being sensitive to customers’ need for time and giving clear choices and prices. They also stated that the business was accessible to all and comfortable to be in. Lynda Clarke, T.E.D. Volunteering Co-ordinator said, “This is the first store in Hildreds to receive the Age-Friendly Business Award. We hope to work with Steve Andrews closely to ensure every store in the centre holds Age Friendly Status and make Hildred’s the first Age-Friendly Centre!” Louise said: “The T.E.D. project encompasses everything we stand for here as 90 percent of our customers are that age. “It’s about promoting customer confidence by making it easy to get around if you are in a wheelchair or mobility scooter and making sure the signage is easily visible. We are delighted to support the project and receive recognition for what we do.” The award has also been welcomed by Hildreds. Manager Steve said: “We try to do as much as we can for the community and we hope other shops in the town will support this.”

Community Lincs welcomes the appointment of the Minister for Loneliness

Community Lincs welcomes the news that the Government has appointed a Minister for Loneliness. Tracey Crouch MP will be working across parties and communities to tackle the ever-growing issue of loneliness, which affects approximately nine million people across the UK.   The Commission on Loneliness was first set up by the late MP Jo Cox and the appointment of Tracy Crouch MP to this new ministerial role will continue Ms Cox’s legacy.  Ms Crouch has indicated that a multi-million pound fund will be utilised to help create a framework and develop a government strategy for the future.   “This is wonderful news, ”said Gail Jackson, CEO of Community Lincs “Community Lincs is working throughout the Lincolnshire region to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Part of our work is to combat rural isolation and loneliness; to have recognition of this issue and the commitment from the government to invest in combatting loneliness will make a real difference to the people we work with.”   Community Lincs is a charity, based in Sleaford, which works throughout Lincolnshire to make a positive difference to the lives of individuals and communities in the region. The charity is currently delivering several projects to minimise the effects of rural isolation and loneliness. The Talk Eat Drink (T.E.D.) project in East Lindsey is aimed at older people and encourages them to become more involved in social activities. T.E.D. hosts regular free events across the East Lindsey area for older people and welcomes anyone who would like to become involved   “T.E.D. is an absolute necessity for lonely and elderly people.” Says one T.E.D. Member “It’s probably the only outlet for many lonely, vulnerable people to keep them from becoming totally isolated.”   The Good Neighbours Scheme is another Community Lincs initiative. The schemes are run by local volunteers who provide support to other residents in their area who may need help with day-to-day tasks. Aimed at older people, this support, provided by the good neighbours, can enable them to live independently in their own homes and communities for longer and reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Welcome to Jules, T.E.D. Network Development Co-ordinator!

My name is Jules Arthur and from the 22nd January, I will be your new T.E.D. Network Development Co-ordinator! I’m new to Lincolnshire, just moving here this month as my husband has started a new job. We are originally from Wales but have been living in Hampshire since 2014. I have worked in the voluntary and community sector for over fifteen years and I have loved every minute! I’ve worked with many different organisations, including Age Concern, Mencap and for an equality council. For the last three years, I have worked as a Community Engagement Worker in Gosport on the south coast, where my role involved supporting community groups with setting up, volunteering, fundraising and generally helping them to help their community. I also wrote lots of fundraising bids for our organisation to ensure that the work to support the local residents could continue. I’m really looking forward to starting work with Community Lincs, to meeting local groups and organisations, and to find out about the strengths in East Lindsey’s communities. It’s an exciting new challenge and I can’t wait to get started!  

Louth Business Donates Christmas Meal to T.E.D. Members

The newly refurbished The Masons Arms pub in Louth welcomed delighted T.E.D. Members for a two course Christmas Lunch free of charge. The Masons Arms recently reopened after a major refurbishment. A spokesperson from The Masons Arms said, “We decided to host a complimentary Christmas dinner this December in our newly refurbished ballroom to give something back to the community that has given us such fantastic support during our first few months. We wanted to do something for those who may not enjoy as much company as the rest of us do during the Christmas period and took the opportunity to offer a 3-course meal to T.E.D. and Help the Aged charities, who both do incredible work in the area.” “We thought to host this event in our Ballroom would be the ideal venue for a chance for the older people of the community to get together, eat, drink and laugh. We welcomed over 80 guests on the day and we hope to see customers both new and old come and enjoy what we have to offer here in Louth, the jewel of the Wolds.” Ann Humphries, local resident and valued T.E.D. Volunteer, organised the event with help from the T.E.D. Team. The event gave T.E.D. Members the opportunity to come together before Christmas and connect with new friends in their local community. Loryn Good, T.E.D. Communications Officer said, “T.E.D. is incredibly grateful to both The Masons Arms for donating this event to our members and also to Ann, who set up and organised the event for our members. It’s wonderful to see a local business engaging with the ageing community in Louth and we hope to work with them more in the future.” The event was enjoyed by all who attended and many members expressed their gratitude to The Masons Arms for such a wonderful gift before Christmas. One member said “I was very grateful to be invited to this Christmas Lunch. Thank you T.E.D. and thank you to The Masons Arms.” Another member expressed that the venue revamp was wonderful. “I was very honoured to be asked to come to the Christmas Meal. It was a lovely surprise. The meal itself was excellent and the hotel is lovely.” The members were very positive about the project stating that it was a good way to meet new people. “I think T.E.D. do a great job…I didn’t know a soul at my table and had a good time and made new friends!” T.E.D. would like to see more businesses in Louth being recognised for engaging with the ageing community. The T.E.D. Age Friendly Business Co-ordinator said, “We would like to put Louth on the map as an Age-Friendly Community. I would invite local businesses to apply for the T.E.D. Age Friendly Business Award which signposts our members to local businesses that can fulfil their needs in a friendly and approachable manner.”