The Great Get Together weekend from 16th to 18th June is inspired by Jo Cox, who was killed on 16 June last year.  Jo’s family and friends came up with the initiative, and have teamed up with The Big Lunch to encourage communities up and down the country to  arrange a get together.   Events could be anything from a street party to a coffee morning in your front room.  There are lots of ideas and resources to help you plan your  Get Together available through the Great Get Together Website.  On the website they explain:

A ‘Get Together’ is any gathering of neighbours, friends and those in our communities to celebrate what we have in common. This weekend is inspired by Jo Cox, but we expect people to take part for many different reasons. We hope it provides a reason to reach out to those you might not otherwise, and by building new relationships, create stronger communities”.

If you would like to find out more about arranging a Get Together, please visit the Great Get Together Website. If you have something planned, please get in touch with us here at T.E.D. and we will help promote via our social media platforms and contacts.  Email, or  Telephone 01529 301966 / 07495 008730 / 07495 008732.



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