Ageing Without Children – Update

The TED AWOC Group continues to meet fortnightly, on Tuesdays (4.30 to 6pm). We are currently working with group members to develop the content of the meetings, including a timetable of guest speakers. Meetings are still via Zoom but in time we plan to arrange ‘face to face’ meetings. If you would like to share your experiences of ageing without children, or are interested in joining the group, then please contact the TED Ageing Better team at, or call 01529 301966

Meeting will be held on the following dates:

• Aug 10th,16:30
• Aug 24th, 16:30
• Sep 7th, 16:30
• Sep 21st, 16:30
• Oct 5th, 16:30

Exciting AWOC News:
The University of Lincoln, in partnership with TED Ageing Better, have been carrying out an exploratory study with people who are ageing without children in East Lindsey. Led by Professor Mo Ray, and based on interviews carried out in July 2021, the research aims to investigate the experiences of people who are ageing without children in rural East Lincolnshire. “The study will start to shape services and resources which are age friendly for people who are ageing without children and to raise the profile of people ageing in this situation.”(Mo Ray)

The results of this study will be presented in a formal report. Copies of the report will be available and any presentation event will be publicised. We will also be able to share a summary of the results in a future newsletter. Information about the AWOC group can also be found on the TED website here

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