I’m sure many of us remember the B.T. advertisement campaign telling us ‘It’s Good To Talk’; and it still is, but it’s also good to know you’re getting the best deal you can for your phone service.  For example, did you know that for customers on specific low income Government benefits, B.T. offers a ‘B.T. Basic’ package for either just phone or phone and broadband?  These B.T. Basic packages are sold as simple, low-cost services that are easy to understand and helps you keep in touch.  More information about B.T. Basic is available on the BT Website .  Alternatively to request the specific application form required, phone B.T. on 0800 800 864.

If you do not qualify for, or feel that a basic package doesn’t suit your needs, it is worth doing a bit of research on the offers available from the various phone and broadband providers to see how they compare with your current deal.  Once you’re armed with some facts,  a phone call to your provider to ask about their discounts and deals for existing customers, provides you with the opportunity to choose the best deal for you.  Remember your current provider will be keen to keep your custom, so if they feel that you might leave and move to one of their competitors they are more than likely to offer you their best deals!

Watch out for the small print! – As with all deals there is normally a 12 to 18 month contract, so make sure you check out what there leave early penalties are.  If you are thinking of changing your phone and broadband provider, it is worthwhile checking if this will affect your email address.  Talking from recent personal experience; I’ve just found out that my @btinternet.com address will cease after 30 days once I move from B.T. and to keep there’s a small monthly fee, so I’m in the process of notifying (nearly) everyone of my new email!  Registering a free generic email such a Gmail or Outlook is the best way to avoid any complications if you move providers.