Passing on Positivity

The field of ‘Positive Psychology’ often refers to an activity called ‘Three Good Things’. This activity is also sometimes referred to as “Gratitude Journaling”.  

“Positive psychology also looks at what helps us to be hopeful and resilient in times of adversity and seeks to find ways that we can live our best life in all circumstances.”

Passing On Positivity (POP), will build upon the ‘Three Good Things’ activity to encourage people to focus on more positive things and in turn might help them to feel happier, more contented and to help build resilience.

This is especially important, as people are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on their lives now and in the immediate future. Once ‘Three Good Things’ is established we will promote a variety of other positive ideas and activities designed to improve mood and increase an optimistic outlook, so please keep an eye on our website and social media.

Our First Activity –

Three Good Things … “involves consciously spending a few minutes each day focusing on some of the good things that happen to us. By doing this we start to notice what goes right as well as wrong in our lives. Even on a bad day there are some good things that happen, however small.”

Version 1: Click here for the downloadable sheet

Version 2: Click here for the downloadable sheet

How to take part:

  • At the end of each day think about three things that you are grateful for, or you enjoyed or that went well. These do not have to be ‘big’ things, often it is the small or brief things that give us the most satisfaction. (see examples below)
  • Write down your three things. People usually write words, but you can also use pictures if you prefer.  Or take photos. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar, this is for you.
  • Reflect – think about each of the three things and why they felt good. With practice this gets much easier.
  • After a week look back on what you have written. How do you feel? Can you notice any similar “good things” that follow a theme (e.g. enjoying nature, time with your pets, grandchildren)?
  • Try to keep going for a few more weeks. Some people continue to do this as part of their routine. After a while you might only need to do this a few times a week, you might also find that you instinctively become more grateful for things in everyday life.

Some examples of “Good things”: Click here to see or download a word version

  • Seeing the sunrise or the sunset
  • Enjoying a really good book or watching a great film
  • Finishing something you have created – a piece of art or craft
  • Enjoying time with loved ones in person, on the phone or through video calls
  • Enjoying making and/or eating delicious food
  • Seeing the beauty of nature (scenery, detail, animals, plants…)
  • Receiving a letter or a card through the post

We would love to see your ‘three good things’ thoughts and messages. If you feel comfortable you can share and let us know if you would like it to be with or without your name by contacting us on:


Phone: 01529 301966 / 07495008715

Twitter: @ted_EastLindsey

Facebook: TED in East Lindsey

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