We are pleased to announce an Invitation to Tender opportunity to evaluate the progress, success and impact of the T.E.D. Ageing Better in East Lindsey programme.

Evaluation and learning are at the heart of both the national Ageing Better programme and the local T.E.D. Ageing Better in East Lindsey programme. The evaluation of our programme is essential to understanding and assessing the success of our programme locally and its contribution to the national programme.

A key aspect of Ageing Better nationally and T.E.D. is to research the effectiveness of different interventions that benefit the community and relieve social isolation and loneliness in older people in East Lindsey. This is a high profile initiative, and an opportunity to work with our partnership to evaluate its impact and capture learning to inform ongoing programme development. We now have an opportunity available for interested parties to tender to undertake this evaluation.

The closing date for the tender submission is no later than 12pm on the 22nd February 2019. To find out more and to make your submission visit – FINAL TED Strategic Evaluation ITT

T.E.D. is one of fourteen partnership programmes funded through Big Lottery: Fulfilling Lives: Ageing Better Programme. The Big Lottery invested £82million in improving lives of older people, and our programme in East Lindsey is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference in this area. The overall aims of the national programme are to pilot new or joined up ways of working to reduce social isolation and collect better evidence of what works.