Fitness, Food and Friends

Fitness, Food and Friends
We’ve been speaking to most of the

participants who come to your Skegness hub sessions, they have been really motivated by the sessions. One lady said she had purchased the ingredients and tried out the recipes.” – Fitness, Food and Friends Delivery Officer

I thought you would just tell us to eat more

fruit and vegetables and less takeaways but it was nothing like that. You focused on the positive not the negative stuff and gave us really useful practical tips, many of which I’ve started to incorporate.” – Fitness, Food and Friends Participant

Thank you very much for the lovely hamper,

gift and card. Never have I known such wonderful caring group, you have kept our spirits up during lock down with the sharing of videos and phone calls to check how we are, thanking you so much.” – Fitness, Food and Friends Participant

About the Fitness, Food and Friends Project

The project ‘Fitness, Food and Friends’ was designed as a health and wellbeing delivery over a block of 12 weeks which would be delivered throughout East Lindsey. 12 weeks is generally agreed upon as being the minimum amount of time required to produce behaviour change and hence a positive change in an individual’s overall health.

A session would last for 2 hours and would be approximately half exercise and the other half food, nutrition and/or cooking. The exercises would be tailored to the 50 plus age group and would often incorporate seated and standing exercises. Being aware that many of these people may not have exercised before and also are likely to have health problems that would mean taking things gradually.

The 12-week block delivery topics were not set in stone but left open to get the participants ideas. However, we would make sure we covered the important topics, such as arthritis, diabetes, stress & anxiety, and mental health tips.

So, if the topic was arthritis, we would talk about this during exercise and explain which exercise will be most helpful for managing the condition. We would then have a chat about overall lifestyle factors linked to arthritis before focusing on nutrition and then would often complete a one-pot cooking session for this same topic.

After being re-commissioned ‘fitness, food and friends’ maintained its exercise and nutrition part but also developed a much wider scope of other topics by hooking up with other partners. This included bringing in topics such as digital skills development, scam awareness, dealing with stress & anxiety, mindfulness & wildlife, and even subjects including local history and completing your family tree.

We also developed more varied activities giving participants opportunity to try new age Boccia and Curling as well as Tai Chi. We also arranged a number of local walks and developing the concept of mindfulness walking to encourage mental wellbeing too.

The Fitness, Food and Friends team have worked closely with TED to create a Toolkit that gives an insight into creating, maintaining and evaluating a project such as this.

Binbrook Village Case Study

We first met Joan when she came along to a Fitness,

Food and Friends at Binbrook village hall in February


Resilience, Communities and People

This is the second thematic bulletin from a more detailed

Learning Report on resilience in communities and people.

Sutton on Sea Case Study

Sandra and her husband Ken moved to Sutton on Sea about 5 years ago from Buckinghamshire. The house they moved into required a lot of work, so they spent many years working on the house together rather than going out.

‘Virtually’ together? Replicating place based provision?

A recent Centre for Ageing Better Briefing Report (2020: 2) gives a useful starting point for understanding ‘digital inclusion’: “Digital inclusion is about ensuring people are able to use the internet and online technologies to meet their needs.”

Really enjoyable sessions and gets me out

of the house. I have been really struggling since my husband died recently and coming here has helped me get out and focus on things I like doing.” – Fitness, Food and Friends Participant

This has been a really helpful session. I love

love how I get both the exercise, learn about food and nutrition and then get to see a recipe demo.” – Fitness, Food and Friends Participant

I have struggled with anxiety most of my life

and this is the first time I have actually understood it. That fact alone has really encouraged me and hopefully I can put in practice some of the ideas I’ve learnt today.” – Fitness, Food and Friends Participant

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