As part of the Test and Learn approach within the TED Ageing Better in East Lindsey programme we are collecting case studies to showcase those individuals living in East Lindsey who have dealt with the isolation and loneliness that TED is tackling. Along with collecting information passed to us from our Delivery Partners across the district.

Case studies are a valuable tool which can help the TED programme to demonstrate the impact of the services we provide, whilst giving a valuable insight into the lives of our volunteers and beneficiaries; framing their experiences, life journey and any teachings they would like to share.

Value of the First Connection

Celebrate a beneficiaries journey through the TED project, highlighting how one connection can change a life. Pauline shared her story below:

Value of the first connection

TED Value of first connection – POEM 1

TED Value of first connection – POEM 2

Age-friendly Business

Please enjoy this insight into the further development of the Age-friendly Business arm of the TED programme from May-August 2018.


TED Learning – Age-friendly Business



CHAPS Cooking

We have been given a lovely article from the CHAPS Programme that Magna Vitae deliver for the TED Programme. Please have a read into the goings on during their cooking sessions.


TED Learning – Chaps Cooking