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The reason why TED have commissioned projects that focus specifically on engaging older men is because our CMF data suggests that we have more women involved with the TED Programme compared to men, with 59% of people identifying as female and only 39% male. As Ageing Better have adopted a ‘test and learn’ approach it is important for us to explore these findings.

We must find new ways to encourage older men, who may be lonely and/or socially isolated, to attend sessions and become involved with the programme. Therefore, several of our projects are designed for men only and research is currently being conducted to see if there has been a rise in the number of men attending sessions. If you have any further issues please do not hesitate to get in touch. The TED team are here to support you and we are happy to speak to service users directly about this matter.

TED Men Do – Carers First 

TED Men Do is a project aimed to work with male carers aged 50+yrs in the TED Programme target areas to research their ongoing, changing needs and aspirations and be responsive to these by developing creative ways for them to be more social and actively involved in their local community. And to also raise awareness of existing social activities helping to combat feelings of loneliness and social isolation. Using a personalised approach, the Men Do Project will develop the confidence of male carers using befriending, mentoring and buddying initiatives and recruit and train volunteers to help support project delivery.The planned delivery will be a calendar of individual and social group activity interaction opportunities (e.g. “Pie and a Pint”, “Breakfast Banter”, social tea, pub quizzes, sports legend talks, cooking, mental wellbeing sessions. By raising their awareness of existing activities, it will hopefully help to combat feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

The Men Do Project will establish a relationship with male, older carers to develop knowledge and understanding of their situation at home and at work (if applicable). They will provide intensive support, encouragement and advice to reduce older, male carer’s barriers to accessing social activities and work and/or volunteering opportunities, build their skills and confidence and provide them with information to empower them to make positive, future life choices. Support will give them the platform to progress and grow in character, feel more positive about growing old and enable them to lead healthier, happier and more independent lives.

Find the Carer’s First toolkit here.

For more information please contact Hannah Key via phone: 07391418586 or email: Hannah.key@carersfirst.org.uk The main booking line is 0300 303 1555.

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