Digital Skills and Access

Digital Skills and Access

In a constantly changing digital world I wanted

to understand and learn more about them in the areas that were specifically important to me. I heard about the Courses run and organised by Lincs Digital. What a joy, just what I needed. 

I found the computer course held by Lincs

Digital both interesting and helpful. They presented the

course in a way so as to easily understand and didn’t mind when they had to repeat themselves several times. 

I appreciated the help your course gave us

enormously and feel that any information and advice an IT course presents, is a great resource, and it’s FREE!

About Lincs Digital TED project

Lincs Digital delivered the TED Digital Skills and Access project, providing digital learning across East Lindsey at community venues.

The aim of the project was to help and support older people to get online, in a safe, friendly no jargon environment by qualified tutors.

Many of the people who have been supported had never touched a device before and needed help and support to ‘set’ their device up, including their first ever email address. 

All sessions have had a person-centred approach and have differed from venue to venue depending on the needs of the individuals. 

Engaging with the people before the first event has been invaluable to understand their needs and equipment they are using or want to use.

Each session has had online safety at the heart of it and many of the people accessing our support have continued to ask for help and support after sessions had finished. Anybody new to digital will always come across something they haven’t done or seen before, and they need a trusted friendly ear to talk to.

Sessions have included;

Online safety, internet scams and keeping safe online

Using your email system, being able to send and reply to


Zoom, skype, Whatsapp

Online grocery shopping

Online banking

Price comparisons sites and saving money by being online

NHS services online including GP website for the area they

are living within,

Booking GP appointments online

Ordering prescriptions online

Accessing safe NHS information, including NHS apps and

wellbeing information


Facebook and community sites

Keeping connected with your family using different platforms

Alexa and safety aspects

Online Apps Memory games and more

As the pandemic hit, we moved to use zoom, with the challenges of getting people online who have never used digital before. This proved to be extremely successful.

Keeping people connected was our initial focus, which then led to online learning sessions starting again. 

We have developed ‘How to do Guides’ which have proved to be invaluable to many people. 

During the project we have trained and support Digital Champions who are actively working within the communities.


We have developed a toolkit that gives you an insight into developing, maintaining a project like this. 

Dot lives in an isolated village, with no shops, no public transport.

She has been self-isolating for many months, due to her age and health complications

We first met Jack when he came to Great Carlton on week one which is a TED funded project at their village hall, with his wife Pam

Tom attended one of our rural ‘My Digital’ events.

Tom is late 70’s, very active and likes to be involved with his local community

Without your help and support I would not

have been able to learn so much and been able to keep in touch with my two daughters who live a long way from where I do. 

The zoom meetings have been so useful giving

an introduction into the subjects covered. Thank you for all you help and support.

It was everything I wanted and needed to be

able to use in a world that is becoming more digital in all areas, including family, health, education, retail, travel etc.

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