Ageing Without Children

We will be holding a virtual event on the 15th of April 2021 at 11am.

The event is an opportunity for us to share information about ageing without children and to launch our virtual (Zoom) support group, which will be starting on Tuesday the 20th of April (4.30 to 6pm).

If you are interested in attending the event or the support group, please contact our Communities Officer, Heather Wheeler

Link to Trish Faulks and Jane Berni (Age Friendly Principal Officer) speaking to Melvyn Prior on Radio Lincolnshire

(from 12.16 to 12.30)

What do we mean by people ageing without children?

We would like to introduce the little talked about subject of people ageing without children. This issue was recently brought to our attention by a member of the community in East Lindsey, Trish Faulks.  We are now working with Trish and others to develop information and support for people who are ageing without children locally.  People ageing without children are a largely invisible and ignored group and yet it is estimated that 1 in 5 people ageing in the UK do not have children.

Individuals are ageing without children for a wide range of reasons these include:

  • those who have never been parents either through choice or through circumstance
  • those whose children predeceased them
  • those completely estranged from their children
  • those whose children are unable to support them for another reason e.g. they have a long term disability or they are in prison

It has been suggested that policy makers and service providers function without a real awareness of what it is like to age in a society. A society which assumes that advocacy and informal care will be provided by adult children as we age.  An example of this is when in 2015 the then Secretary of State for Healthy, Jeremy Hunt said:

“Family planning must be as much about care for older generations as planning for younger ones… so that children see their parents giving wonderful care to grandparents – and recognise that in time that will be their responsibility too” (Jeremy Hunt Secretary of State for Health 2015)

We would like to invite anyone who is ageing without children in East Lindsey, and who would like to be involved in our future activities to contact our Communities Officer, Heather Wheeler

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