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For International Women’s Day, the TED staff and partners have been speaking to our members about their lives and memories. We are wanting to show that everyone can be Age Proud and challenge the notion of how older women are perceived ✨

This year, International Women’s Day is using the hashtag #ChooseToChallenge by saying “A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let’s all choose to challenge.”

Here are some of the stories we have gathered:

A Dream – “I was a quiet shy girl growing up in the 50s with four brothers…”

Dorothy – “Dorothy, the younger of two girls, was born in 1939 just after the start of World War two. She grew up in a small terraced house in the North East of England…”

A Passion for Football – “Sheila is originally from Northampton and moved up to East Lindsey with her husband on their retirement…”

Fifteen Minutes of Fame – “In 1976 soon after my marriage to Barry, my boss
wanted a home for the pet rabbit his children had grown bored with. So Albert became the first of many rescued rabbits in our care…”

My Own Business – “When I decided to leave a very good job at a corporate estate agency in Skegness, in the mid 90s, to start my own business in the same town, I was considered mad…”

Togetherness – “My life changed in early March 2020, I had been elected by ballot to be the President of our small Women’s Institute (WI) in Binbrook, Lincolnshire…”

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